I’ll have to cerebrate on that…

Well, the alpine start to climbing didn’t happen this morning because, without really knowing it, I turned the alarm off and went back to sleep.  I guess I must not have been feeling up to it!  I got up about an hour and 15 minutes later and had some trouble getting my body temperature to settle down.  I have a bit of a fever, I think.  I was burning up for about a half an hour and now I’m freezing!  So, what to do about climbing today…  I’ll have to cerebrate on that.  I think that I got a little too exhausted yesterday and took a step backwards in terms of getting over this sickness of mine.  I’m not sure whether I should take the day and recover some more or go get some time on the wall at the climbing gym and potentially set myself back in terms of getting well.  I know I’m not contagious anymore, and I’m not producing any odd-colored bodily fluids (mucus is clear), so I don’t think I’d spread this bug to anybody if I went and climbed.  The problem is my energy levels.  I’m exhausted and I just woke up!  I’m not comfortable with the fact that my body can’t really regulate its temperature very well this morning, either.  I talked to my doctor yesterday and he said that when he had this bug, it really took it out of him!  He’s a high-energy fellow, and I saw how exhausting it was for him just to go from his chair to his desk – just to walk from the bathroom to his office – when he had it.  He was exhausted just sitting in his chair during our sessions!  He was so sick!  He was really congested with the rough cough that I have, too.  I know I have a similar, if not the same, bug and I really feel the weakness and the lack of energy.  This bug really takes it out of you!!!  I’ll see how I feel a little later this morning.  I might take today and recuperate some more.  If I find myself having a little energy later, that might be something to store up and work from instead of expending it and ending up worse off than I am now.  This is a tough illness to get over!!!  I’m still congested with a cough and the lack of energy worries me.  If I don’t have any energy, that must mean that all of my energy is going toward fighting this bug off!!!  I really, really want to get some EEG data while I’m climbing, though!!!  I’m really excited about that and I want to go and do it ASAP!  Can it wait?  Well, probably.  I don’t want to wait, though!  I want to get some data to compare to what I have already!  I need climbing data!!!  Such a conundrum!   I’ll have to cerebrate on that some more…  To climb today, or not to climb today…THAT is the question!!!

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