Post-nightmare EEG activity with Muse


This EEG data was recorded about 10-15 minutes after I had awoken from a nightmare and taken my morning medications (not enough time for the medications to kick in, though).  My readings after a five-minute session ended up being 1% Calm.  Imagine that.  Notice how much of the raw EEG data is in the Active (lightest blue) region of the graph, though, and how it barely touches the Calm (darkest blue) region.  I had 23 Recoveries during this session and I wish I could’ve gotten the data sooner now.  I’m going to have to keep my Muse and my iPad Mini right by my bed and do a session immediately upon waking when I have a nightmare to truly capture the EEG data on the activity that’s going on.  There’s another program that I really love that works with the Muse headband and it measures separate waves in raw data form in real-time.  I need to work with that more to understand exactly what’s going on, but the Theta waves interest me the most.  Children have massive Theta wave activity, while adults have significantly less of this type of activity (as in hardly any, comparatively speaking).  I’m going to do another Muse session after I’m sure the medications have kicked in and see how it turns out here in a short bit.  I want to know about my brain wave activity, especially as it relates to my mental health and PTSD.  I’m a scientist at heart, and I can’t wait to do more with this Muse headband!!!  Updates pending…

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