The Muse headband arrived today!

It’s currently charging, and is almost fully charged.  It’s been charging since 0900 hrs this morning and it’s currently 1635 hrs in the afternoon, so it should be just about done.  I can’t wait to establish baseline with it!  The Muse headband isn’t quite as sturdily built as I’d envisioned it would be, but I guess it has to be flexible enough to fit the contours of your head fairly well to make good contact between the measurement plates and a person’s head, so we’ll see how that goes.  I haven’t fitted it and gone through that process with the app yet, but I’ve set up my Muse account and it’s ready to be paired and everything once the headband gets fully charged.  My husband had a pair of SkullCandy earbuds that he gave me to plug into my iPad Mini 4 in order to try this thing out.  This is the Muse 16 headband.  Evidently, there was an earlier Muse 14 version of the device.  In order to establish true baseline, I wonder if I should listen to the program while wearing the headband or simply start the program and wait until it finishes?  Since I won’t be listening to the program while I’m climbing, I’m thinking that I should just start the program with the headband on, but not listen to the program so that we get an accurate first look at my brain waves.  The EEG activity will be recorded whether I’m actually listening to the program or not.  I can then listen to the program the second time around and compare the two.  That way, I can get a true baseline without intervention and a program baseline both.  That could be very useful!  I definitely need that true, no interference baseline, though.  That’s for certain.  There’s a calibration process to go through every time with the Muse to make sure that everything’s working correctly, so that’s the only part of the program that I’ll have to listen and respond to.  This is going to be great!!!  I wish that thing would hurry up and charge!!!

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