Baseline: 11% Calm


Well, there you have it, folks.  The Muse headband works, is fully charged, and the report is back that I am, at baseline, 11% Calm.  That would be the EEG wave data in the darkest blue region of the graph.  Neutral occupies the middle third of the blue graph coloration, and my mind had 24 “Recoveries” – transitions from Active (lightest blue region of the graph) back down to Neutral – during this five-minute session.  Ideally, most of my data would be in the darkest blue region of the graph, but that’s what we’re going to experiment with.  We’re going to see how climbing affects the data pattern that we see here.  I have an idea that the data is heavily biased by eye movement and breathing patterns, so it should be interesting to see what shakes out!

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