Well, the Dx is that I’m not going to die yet…

My doctor saw me at the VA this morning and determined that I don’t have bronchitis yet and that my current ailment is limited to my upper respiratory system.  Most likely a raging sinus infection.  “Let’s get you treated,” my doctor said, standing up.  Good.  I went to the pharmacy to wait, my mask still over my face to keep the germs contained.  I was prescribed azithromycin (antibiotic), guaifenesin (for congestion), and benzonatate (for cough) for my ailment.  The pharmacist explained all of that to me and sent me on my way.  I had driven my 2002 Ford Ranger to the VA clinic this morning in order to preserve the parking space of my Ford F-150 since the high school kids from the Catholic school a block and a half away always park you out for several blocks when they can.  I didn’t feel like walking a half a mile to my apartment the way I feel right now.  On a side note, I was actually proud of parking enforcement yesterday because they ticketed a truck parked in front of the fire hydrant, for once!  I took my first dose of the medications about an hour ago and am drinking copious amounts of fluids as instructed.  Hopefully this takes care of the sickness, because I’m tired of it!!!  I’m glad it’s not established in my lower respiratory system yet because that takes me months to get over when it happens, and more scarring and damage happens to my lungs every time.  The medicine intended to make the congestion ease up is definitely working well!!!  I have to get all of this junk out of my system!  I feel much better now than I did before I went to the doctor and took the medication, so something’s working!

Good news!!!  I may yet make it to the 2018 Montana Bouldering Championships on Saturday!  I don’t think I’ll be in climbing shape (pretty darn sure), but I’m definitely going to go and get some footage with my GoPro, do some interviewing, and get in on the raffles!  Pizza.  That’s the hook right there.  There’s going to be pizza, haha!  I hope they have some cool stuff for the raffles!!!  I get a T-shirt, yet another for Jerrold to wear because it won’t fit me right now, but oh, well.  Jerrold likes my T-shirts and wears them all the time, anyway.  Might as well get another cool one for him to wear!  I hope they’re cool!  So, long story short, I’m not dying yet and I got some medicine to make me feel better!  Yay!!!

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