Well, the influenza went into my chest last night…

I’m really in for it, now!  This whole time I’ve had the flu, I’ve been trying not to let it go down into my respiratory system (lungs and chest).  I woke up this morning at 0330 hrs to find that it did just that last night.  I’m extremely susceptible to respiratory infections and when I get them, it’s severe bronchitis for sure, and possibly even pneumonia after all is said and done.  I’ve had my pneumococcal pneumonia shots, so that eliminates some 34 or so strains of pneumonia that I could get.  That’s comforting, believe it or not.  I really hope that I can get enough rest today to offset this and not let it get established.  I’m going to take tons of Vitamin C and fluids.  I hate it when I get sick!  I don’t want to be sick for the next two months!!!  I just took some daytime cold and flu syrup, so hopefully that helps me to manage this before it gets too far out of hand.  If it’s still really bad tomorrow morning, I’ll have to go to the VA clinic as a walk-in and hope that my doctor can see me.  They’re really short-handed right now (they only have four primary care docs and they’re supposed to have seven) and they do the best they can.  My primary care doctor is really a great doctor and I’ve been his patient for over 10 years, so he knows what happens if this stuff gets its roots into me too far.  As far as climbing goes, I guess more visualization is in order!  I’ll have to get my guidebooks out and figure out where I want to visualize myself climbing at!  See?  Guidebooks are great!  I just want to climb.  Really.  I don’t want to be sick.  I just want to climb.  And if something sounds way out of whack in one of my posts over the next few days, it’s probably just delirium.  No worries.  Smile!

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