Seven days with the flu makes one week…

And seven days without climbing makes one weak!!!  That’s with or without influenza’s terrible hand in things!  I’m not sure if I’m going to be recovered from this enough to climb in the comp on Saturday, but I’ll take my GoPro and get some footage of the action if I’m not strong enough to climb.  I think I’ll focus on which shoes everybody’s wearing, for one thing.  Maybe I could interview a few of the finalists and ask them if they do anything for training besides climbing.  I’ll definitely be there for pizza and the raffle!!!  These are just some ideas that I’m kicking around because I’m sick and half delirious, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing in the world of creative blogging!  I think some of those things could be quite fascinating, don’t you?!  I’m right in the middle of this influenza virus’ stand and still trying to make sure that it doesn’t get down into my lungs for a respiratory infection that won’t quit!  This bug just exhausts me.  I’m SO tired.  I get up for an hour, then sleep for four hours, get up for an hour, sleep for four hours, and so on.    One hundred years ago, the Spanish Flu took the lives of hundreds of thousands.  If I remember my history correctly, it killed something like 10% of the population worldwide.  Strange that on the 100th anniversary of the Spanish Flu, I would be sick with the flu that is approaching pandemic proportions today!  Only modern medicine keeps that from happening again, and medicine only goes so far!  Part of the reason that the Spanish Flu was able to spread was due to the movement of people all over the place from one location to another over a large geographic area.  Think about what we do today, every day!  Airplanes, boats, trains, cars, trucks, subways, helicopters, hospitals, institutions, the homeless…  What a miracle that we’re not all dead or dying!!!  So, be grateful, even if you are sick.  There are many things worth living for.  For me, it’s climbing.  I don’t want to die for no good reason!!!  Think about what you’re thankful for, and take a moment to appreciate it.  It’s important.

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