I have a project in mind…a blogging project!

While I’ve been sick and unable to climb these past few days, I’ve had more time to think about what I’d like to blog about.  I was discussing my blog with my doctor the other day and he had a few ideas for me, one of which was really awesome!  I’m going to call some different climbing gyms and interview at least one route setter at each of them (more, if they’ll talk to me).  Their individual names and the names of the gyms will be kept confidential (I will mention only the state that they were from, if I need to get “specific”) and nothing negative will be said about them or their facilities.  I’m going to approach this as an observation-type, fact-finding interview project to help us climbers understand more about the indoor climbing gym routes and problems that we wrestle with day-to-day.  Since I have some route-setting experience, I have some questions that I’d like to ask these folks if they’re willing to humor me, but I want to know what YOU, the readers of my blog, want to know.  What questions do YOU want me to ask the route setters that I interview?  What do YOU wonder about?  I want YOU, MY BLOG READERS, to be involved in this project as much as possible, so PLEASE COMMENT ON QUESTIONS YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO ASK THE ROUTE SETTERS!!!  I’m really excited about this project and look forward to your comments!!!

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