Having a good life…

I, despite the PTSD and the Depression and all of the things that “aren’t going right” (whatever that means), am having a good life right now.  I realized, through the two visualization posts that I have written, one yesterday and one today, that climbing in my mind does wonders for making me feel better even though I have the influenza right now.  I have a good life.  I have climbing, my husband, my doctor, my friends, my blog, my blog followers, an indoor climbing gym in the city I live in, a bouldering competition coming up next weekend, and everything I could ever want or need.  I’m happy.  I hope that my blog brings others happiness, too, because that would make me even more happy.  Spreading happiness is a great thing!  Happiness can be contagious!!!  I’m starting to feel like today was the turning point for the influenza and I might start getting better now, after this afternoon, because I feel rested this evening and I feel like eating a salad.  That’s a good sign.  I’ve enjoyed writing and visualizing a climbing trip that I sincerely hope happens later this year, in the summer.  We’ll see about continuing our visualization tomorrow, or even later tonight, or in the wee hours of the morning if I can’t sleep, haha!  It makes me happy.  Climbing and blogging make me happy.  Living right now makes me happy.  And to all of you who read my blog and climb with and around me, thank you.  You make my life worth living and you make me happy!!!  I hope you are happy, too!!!

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