“From Cullen”


My brother brought in two small cardboard boxes last night when he came to pick up Cullen – one for me and one for my husband.  I opened the box and removed the bubble wrap to find a white mug with black lettering on it that says, “World’s Most Awesome Aunt – ‘It’s true, we checked!'”  I thanked my brother and he said with a smile, “That’s from Cullen.”  So I played with Cullen a bit and thanked him for the mug, haha.  Made my day!  I hadn’t been feeling well at all yesterday (didn’t even climb), so it was a real boost.  I’m having some coffee in my new mug this morning, and it’s the best tasting coffee ever!  I’m feeling more ill today than I was yesterday, so the mug helps!  Illness.  That’s what I get for going to the clinic for a check-up…

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