Got poked and prodded, but still biked today

This morning was fairly pleasant in that I always enjoy seeing my doctors (I’m very fortunate to have a team of doctors that are very experienced and also very friendly) to see how they’ve been doing and catch up, but obviously there’s the fact that I’m going to the doctor for either a check-up or because something’s wrong. This ended up being a very thorough check-up and there didn’t end up being anything wrong with the system that was being checked on, thank goodness! I still got poked and prodded a little extra due to past issues with this system in my body, though, so I don’t feel real great this afternoon. My PTSD somehow got triggered at the VA clinic before my appointment on top of that, so I really wasn’t feeling the exercise vibe after my appointment. I decided to get something to eat and then ordered an extra sandwich to take home for later. I went to the post office on the way home, thinking that I was going to skip my cardio for today. I thought, though, that if I skip today, what’s going to keep me from skipping tomorrow? I got home, dropped off the mail, ate a few dried apricots, and decided I was going to the climbing gym to at least do my cardio. My knees need a rest from climbing today, but there was no reason I couldn’t do my 35 minutes of cycling. I took it at a moderate pace and bumped it up a level. I did very well, even at a moderate pace! I did it! That’s the point. I did it. I didn’t give up!

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