I got my blog-turned-book today!!!

It is so cool!  I got my blog-turned-book today via FedEx and it’s awesome!!!  It’s so much fun reading through it in book form, seeing what day-to-day posts look like, looking back over the last year and my thoughts concerning various events, people, and experiences… It looks great in book form!  I got it printed through http://www.Blog2Print.com and it turned out fantastic!  There are, of course, many different options to choose from when going through the process of setting your blog up to be put into book form, and I think they have a great degree of personalization available.  I learned that I have to put my photos in the blog post itself to have them printed, instead of making them the featured image, which doesn’t get printed.  That’s okay, though.  For my fledgling attempt, I think it’s great!  It’s almost 400 pages long!  Of course, over 206,000 words went into those 499 posts in 2017, plus a few thousand more by the time I got it set up to be printed (total of around 210,000 words).  Next year, I’ll have to set the parameters to start from 09 Jan 2018 through the date that I get it printed again in 2019.  This is so much fun!!!  I can’t wait to see where my blog takes us!!!

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