A day of running hither and thither!

First, I watched my nephew this morning. Then I took AJ to work. After that, I hit the climbing gym for some cardio – 35 minutes of cycling. From there, I went back home to meet my mother. We caught a stray cat finally and took it to the shelter. Lunch was in order, and we went for a light one at Perkins. After taking my mom back to my apartment, I gathered my climbing gear and headed out the door to pick AJ up from work. After I get him to where he needs to go, I’m going back to the climbing gym to do some actual climbing. I think… If it works out that way, haha! Today has been such a crazy day! If I don’t end up going back to the gym, I’ll be back at home watching my nephew again tonight with my husband. I really need to get some climbing in, though!!! My sanity is slipping away! Today is an exception to the rule for busyness, but I haven’t climbed all week. It’s way past time to go climbing!!!

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