Splitters…always have climbing tape!!!

So, I’ve got some issues with my fingertips right now.  Splitters.  I didn’t even get them while climbing!!!  The cold, dry winter air doesn’t do anything for my dry skin problem, despite all of the care I give my hands, especially, this time of year.  I have a split on my right thumb pad, one off the side of my right middle finger pad, and one on the back of my right thumb at the distal phalanx joint.  They hurt like crazy!  I haven’t climbed for the last two days, hoping that I could get them to start healing a bit.  I’ve belayed a bit for others, instead, which hasn’t been hard on them, except when putting my harness on and tightening the waist belt (right thumb pad split).  So what on earth do you do about these things???

Well, in my case, I think that Polysporin and tape at night might be the answer, and then climbing tape during the day to keep them from splitting further.  I hate wearing tape, because it’s never as good for gripping as my skin, but climbing tape has saved my climbing prospects too many times to dis it, so I won’t.  I always have climbing tape with me – it’s a life saver!!!  I find that the fancy brands don’t do as well as the plain old white climber’s tape that you buy on the cheap rack.  Metolius tape is pretty good stuff, but there are other gimmicky kinds of things that don’t do anything but fall off while you’re climbing, so that’s that.  The climbers tape that I find does the best job is distributed by Liberty Mountain and won’t be in a fancy package.  It’ll be by itself with a price sticker on it, hanging on the wall of your local climbing gym.  It’s good stuff!  Buy some!!!  I always keep at least two rolls of 1/2″ tape in my bag (along with some 1 1/2″ stuff and maybe a 1″ roll, too).  When one starts to run out, I buy another one.  I was without climbers tape once while climbing, and I’ll never let it happen again if I can possibly do anything about it!!!  It was critical!  I finally found someone who had some climbers tape with them, thank goodness, but it was dumb.  I should’ve had my own.  I knew better, and I just forgot about getting some and restocking my bag, so it was completely my fault.  That’s why it was dumb.  Climbing tape is as essential to your climbing as your climbing shoes and chalk, so ALWAYS HAVE SOME CLIMBERS TAPE WITH YOU!!!  It’s cool because most chalk bags come in a version with a compartment that zips built in.  That’s the perfect place to keep some climbers tape.

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