It’s beginning to snow again…

I was hoping the rain/snow mix was going to miss us, but it doesn’t look like it. A big cold front is moving in and is going to make travel tonight and tomorrow miserable. The icy sort of travel isn’t my favorite. AJ and I are going climbing in a bit and we’ll see what awaits us when we get done! I should probably dig my gloves out now. And where did that ice scraper of mine go? I’m sure glad it’s in my truck somewhere! I need to go get new windshield wiper blades and an oil change in the neighboring town tomorrow, so it had better not be too icy! But what am I going to do about it? Ah, nothing! Deal with it, I guess. I do live in Montana voluntarily…

I can’t wait to go climbing today! Hopefully I won’t bleed chalk all over the floor like the other day, haha! I drew a frozen waterfall in my climbing log earlier today, thinking of Lou, Maggie, Leon, and Bill over in Sandstone, Minnesota ice climbing. I sure wish I could make it over there to join them, but it’s not financially feasible right now. That’s okay. AJ and I will have a blast at our local gym and I’m going to get better at climbing routes before I try ice climbing, I think!

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