Staying on the wall – CLIMB!!!

I worked on two of the new routes today. I didn’t set routes yesterday, so I hadn’t seen the new ones yet. I attempted an orange 5.8 that I’ve named “Orange Spice”. AJ set it and threw a little bit of everything into it. I didn’t get very far at all on my onsight attempt, haha! The route that I really put some effort into today is a blue 5.7 that I dubbed “Blue Flake” because the crux for me is a poor flake handhold with a big reach to the next better handhold, also a flake. The rest of the route is composed of good jugs so far. I’m still reacquainting myself with my Solutions and am considering some Skwamas. I might inquire at the desk on the way out. I got exactly halfway up Blue Flake on my onsight attempt and on both other attempts. I wasn’t even moderately pumped! That’s a great sign! I hung out with Taylor between attempts until he left to go get something to eat before work. It’s been a good day for climbing. I felt solid on Blue Flake. I felt some good pure movement and flow on that route…

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