Blog2Print, success, and expectations

Yesterday, I had a much-needed appointment with my doctor.  We were talking about various things and I was catching him up.  “So, how’d the weekend go?  Did you climb, I hope?”  Yes.  I climbed with AJ.  “Did you convince him, or did he convince you, or…?”  He convinced me.  “Good!  I should send that man a check!”  And they’re setting routes today, and I’m not going.  “Good.  The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.  Keep climbing.”  I was upset about some things regarding what it means to be “successful” and my doctor replied, “Well, as far as success goes, to hell with it.  That’s how I feel about success today.  So you’re still having trouble with the whole success/failure thing, huh?”  He told me about some of his family members, who are all people in very successful places by anyone’s standards, and it became clear that there are different definitions of success.  “It comes down to whose expectations you’re trying to live up to – other people’s expectations or your own.”  Well, I’m perfectly happy just climbing, and why can’t that be enough?  Climbing makes me happy.  “Well, there you go!  Success for you, I think, should be writing a really good blog post or learning a brand new climbing move.”  I have a phenomenal doctor!!!  I asked him, on the blog post note, if he knew how to turn a blog into a book.  “I don’t know.  Let’s just look right now.”  He grabbed his smartphone and looked up “blog to book”.  Blog2Print came up and he showed me.  “Oh, see?  Right there.  I didn’t even know.  I just typed something in.  Oh, wow, there’s a coupon to save 39% off until January 9th.  Today’s the…8th.  Better get on that.”  I definitely would!  “Then you can say you wrote a book!  Okay, so, blogging and climbing.  You going to be okay?”  I guess I have to be.  “Climb.  And blog.”  We talked a bit more and then I left him with a hearty handshake, as I always do.  I wished him well.  He was going to be going on a trip.

I went home, looked up “blog to book”, got to, and made a book of all of my blog posts from 07 Feb 2017 through 08 Jan 2018.  That’s approximately 209,000 words.  A few customizations, an applied coupon of “NEWYEARNINE”, and I had ordered 370 pages’ worth of a hardcover to be delivered around the 23rd of January.  Very cool!!!  CLIMBING 4 THE REST OF US, YEAR ONE 2017+ was born!!!

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