Got back on the wall!

With AJ’s help, I got back on the wall yesterday for the first time in over a week.  I worked on Michelle’s purple 5.9 in the dihedral, which I dubbed “Purple Grapes”.  I really like Michelle’s routes.  They have a lot of footwork to them, which I really enjoy, and she is about my height, so I know the reaches are doable.  She is more flexible than I am, so sometimes it’s a real stretch for me, but I know the reach is possible!  I gave Purple Grapes four really committed attempts.  The fifth was a flop because I just couldn’t get my fingers to hold on anymore and my toes hurt.

Why did my toes hurt?  Because I dug out my La Sportiva Solutions and my tribal warrior shield chalk bag!!!  I climb best in my Solutions.  They fit my feet extremely well and I have climbed amazingly well in them.  Hopefully the makeover they’re getting this year won’t affect how they fit!!!  That would be horrible if it did!  Anyway, I dug out my Solutions and, sure enough, I have to toughen up my toes again.  They got soft on me while I was experimenting with other shoes, although I have to say that, for longer climbs and longer times between taking my climbing shoes off, the La Sportiva Otakis are a good choice.  The Solutions are my powerhouse bouldering and sport-climbing shoes, though!!!

McKenzie and Taylor were at the climbing gym when AJ and I went last night, too!  McKenzie always cheers me up and offers encouragement in a way that no one else can.  Taylor sent a pink 5.12 route and that was awesome to see!  He was run out above the last bolt about 10′ and just kept climbing to the top!  AJ sent a variety of routes, none below 5.10, and worked on the purple 5.13 with Taylor belaying him.  I needed some time with my shoes off!

I love my Solutions.  I can edge and toe-in and smear and heel hook and toe hook and do everything I need to do in them.  When I have them on, I know my feet are solid.  I can put all the power through my big toe when I need to, which is nice.  I just have to toughen up my feet again!!!  I got back on the wall!!!  Now I need to stay on the wall!!!

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