Old and new


Sometimes I see something new in the climbing gear world that I just have to have.  I probably don’t really need it, but I get it anyway.  There’s also something that always brings me back to the old, well-worn, and much-loved gear that I started with.  The new stuff is nice and serves a purpose when the old can absolutely function no longer, but the old stuff always has a special place in my heart and in my memories.  My Tribal Shield chalk bag, for instance.  It’s still fully functional and I’m going to resume using it today, along with my La Sportiva Solutions.  The pair is inspiring to me because of their worn-in character and the adventures I’ve had with them.  I go through periods when I buy a new pair of shoes or a new chalk bag and use them for awhile, but the tried and true gear is always “in my back pocket”, so to speak.  I was thinking of the old climbing gym this morning, which is what prompted this post.  It’s gone.  There are things that I really miss about it.  The new gym is nice, but sometimes I just wish I could visit the old gym…

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