Today’s challenge…

I had an appointment with my doctor today and he gave me some homework.  My challenge for today is to get back on the wall.  My homework for the weekend is to think and blog about climbing’s role in controlling PTSD, particularly the fear aspect.  I’ll put my B.S. in Biology, B.S. in Psychology, and M.S. in Psychology to work and do some reading, too…  That’s for later, after my lunch settles.  My appointment this morning was a much-needed one, and my doctor even fit me in yesterday because I was having a crisis of sorts.  It’s been a rough week!  I’m planning on going climbing with AJ later today, though, after he messages me that he’s ready.  He’s got a lot on his plate, too.  I’m really looking forward to climbing today!!!  I live to climb and climb to live!!!  It’s interesting – the question that my doctor posed and the homework he gave me concerning climbing and PTSD.  I like it.  I have a mission!!!  An intriguing one…  AND I GET TO CLIMB WITH AJ!!!  Should be a great day!!!

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