Live your life well

I read this morning of the passing of a dear friend who had lived his life well.  He was in the highest position that could be attained in his company, yet he never forgot the little guy, the common man.  He was kind, wise, and gentle with people.  People respected him and what he was about.  When he saw a problem, especially one of the human condition, he rushed to fix it efficiently and effectively.  He cared so much for people.  That was his life.  He was 90 years old.

First, I hope I live life to the fullest extent possible, and that I live life well, like my friend.  Second, I hope I’m remembered as a person who cared deeply about others and as a climber.  When you think about it, you have to care deeply about others to climb.  You literally hold their life in your hands at the other end of that rope!  You suffer together, you celebrate together, you push your limits together…  Your climbing partner becomes an extension of yourself, and you become an extension of them.  It takes dedication and determination to see each other through safely when climbing, whether it’s a fun day at the crag, or a grueling mission to the summit of the highest peak.  Climbing is the only sport I know that is both so individual and so dependent upon one’s partner(s) for success.  It’s a lonely road with a travel buddy at times.  At other times, it’s a rip-roaring party for all!  I’m as amazed at the extremes of the social matrix that climbing encompasses as I am with the difficulty ranges of the climbs!!!  Whatever happens in this life of mine, I hope to influence others positively, and to live well to be happy myself.  That means I’m going to climb until my dying day.  And it will all have been well worth it!!!

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