The first day of the MyClimb Celestial Winter Challenge 2018


Today, being January 1st, is the first day of the MyClimb Celestial Winter Challenge 2018. My major quantitative goals are the same as they were for the Fall Challenge 2017.  I have some flexible, more qualitative goals, too, though.  I like to focus on climbing and climbing well.  If you can’t climb it well, in terms of good technique and footwork, then you really can’t climb it as far as I’m concerned.  You’re never going to get that pure flow of movement if you don’t pay attention to your technique and footwork!  Every climber seeks that pure movement flow, and once you’ve tasted it, you want more!!!  I try to make sure that I maximize my chances of experiencing that by practicing fundamentals. After all, I haven’t even been climbing for two years yet, so I should be focusing on the basics!!!  I don’t ever want to abandon the fundamentals, either.  I’ve seen how important they are from watching others climb and from watching my own progress.  Now it’s time to go to work on all that again for this new Challenge.  I’m excited!!!  A new year, a new Challenge, another day, and another chance!!!  My organic chemistry professor has a small white board for leaving messages on her door, and a cartoon fish saying, “Just keep swimming…”  If you’ve ever taken organic chemistry, you know all-too-well what that means.  I love organic chemistry!!!  Climbing is much the same in the respect that, if you want to really get it, you have to keep working, keep striving, keep climbing…  Just keep climbing!!!

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