Weather-dependent climbing day

Speaking of snow, as in my last post, I’m definitely going to wait for it to stop snowing and the roads to get plowed somewhat before I go anywhere major.  The city of Billings, MT doesn’t believe much in snow removal, so we’ll see how this shapes up in terms of road conditions this afternoon.  I do plan on going climbing with AJ today, though!  Super-psyched about that!!!  Jerrold and I went for an ice tea at McDonald’s and drove around a bit to see how the roads were.  Terrible in some cases, as in the side streets like ours, but pretty good in other respects, as in the main through streets of town.  About the time we got home, it began to sleet, so like I said, we’ll see how this shapes up.  Four-wheel drive is an absolutely fantastic asset to have in a truck up in the northern states!  I’ve driven a truck since I was 16 years old.  My first truck was a four-cylinder, two-wheel drive truck and it did a great job for what it was!  I got a 4×4 next, though, and I’ve been hooked on that (and the V8 engines) ever since!  I do have two trucks with six-cylinder engines, but if I had my druthers, I’d go with the V8 4×4 any time!!!  My V6 4×4’s do okay, too, though.  They’re nothing to scoff at if you’re looking to get around town in the snow!!!  So, since I have a climbing partner for the afternoon, I guess my climbing day is less weather-dependent, but still affected by it to a notable degree.  I’m really stoked about climbing today!!!  Updates pending…

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