Our four-day snow event is changing everyone’s plans!

Snow.  Fact of life in the world, right?  True, but a four-day snow event that could drop up to 18″ of snow is a force to be reckoned with when travel is involved, especially the super cold, fluffy snow-crystal kind that blows across the Interstate!  My mom lives about 30 miles away when all is said and done and she usually watches Cullen, my nephew, during the day so that my sister-in-law, who works nights, can sleep and my brother, who owns his own mechanic’s shop, can go to work.  Mom called at about 0530 hrs this morning and said they’d gotten 6-8″ of snow last night out where they live and that she was worried about blowing snow on the Interstate, not to mention this is only the end of Day 1 of the snow event.  The winter storm warning runs until Sunday, and it started snowing last night (Wednesday).  Mom asked if Jerrold and I could watch Cullen today (Thursday) and tomorrow (Friday).  After quickly consulting with my husband, we decided we could make it work.  I’m still going to give AJ a ride to work and I’m still climbing with AJ this afternoon/evening after I pick him up from work.  I had given my brother a heads-up that this could happen yesterday, so it wasn’t a total surprise to him.  As a matter of fact, I was just getting off the phone with my mom when my brother came in with Cullen.  I explained what was going on and that my sister-in-law might have to get up a teeny bit early to make this work this afternoon, but it should all be fine.  It’ll work out.  It has to, right?  It’s amazing what weather conditions can do to everybody’s schedules!!!  We’re trying to keep Squiggle Bug’s schedule as “normal” as possible so that everybody’s sleep schedules don’t get any further off than they already are.  We’ll see how successful we can be at that!!!  I know that I’m going to be tired!!!  Cullen’s worth it, though.  Definitely worth it!  He’s a lot of fun, haha!!!

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