What does “having everything you need” mean to you?

Here’s a question: What does “having everything you need in life” mean to you?  Does it mean money?  Does it mean family?  Does it mean friends?  Does it mean food, clean water, and shelter?  Does it mean health?  Does it mean a job?  What does that phrase mean to you???

To me, “having everything I need” means having food, clean water, shelter, health (including doctors, medications, and glasses), and climbing gear.  Money is good when you need new climbing gear, but I believe I’ve taken care of that for years to come, so I won’t need climbing gear for awhile unless I switch disciplines.  Trad is going to cost more than a fistful of money and so is ice, but I’ve got the ice halfway taken care of, I think.  I’m trying to work out a plan to purchase some ice equipment, but it’ll take some saving on my part.  Having reliable transportation and the ability to travel are important, too, especially to a climber.  Climbers sometimes combine the shelter need with the transportation and travel needs in the form of a vehicle, often a van, converted into home sweet home.  That requires some money, but if you’ve got climbing gear, you’ve likely got a sleeping bag and some puffy jackets you can use to keep warm, propping your head up on your pack for a pillow (although a stiff one!) in a pinch.  It really depends where you are as to what you’re going to need because spending the night sleeping in your vehicle in Montana in the winter is much different from spending the night in your vehicle in Texas or California!  And those are just examples from the United States!!!  There are much colder and hotter places on Earth!  My needs are met at this time in my life.  I even have more than I need!!!  I have the internet, my own blog, art supplies, musical instruments, a warm bed, a great doctor, fantastic climbing buddies and partners that I can trust on our adventures together, a loving husband, the rest of my family, comfortable clothing that I enjoy wearing, hot running water, a PS4, everything I could possibly want or need right now!  I am truly blessed!!!  If it came down to the minimum necessary to keep me sane and happy, though, I have it all.  God is good.

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