My upgraded goals for the coming three months…


This is always a work in progress, but the photo represents my somewhat more specific plans for the next three months – January, February, and March of 2018 for the MyClimb Celestial Winter Challenge 2018.  I’m going to monitor actual progress and compare it directly with the goals I have listed here in order to refine my climbing and my training to get the most happiness and progress out of my time climbing.  Happiness first.  I need climbing.  It’s something that fills a need in me and nothing else can take its place.  That said, I didn’t get to go climbing today because other things came up that demanded my attention.  Just a few months ago, I had a good, solid climbing routine that kept me fairly stable and happy.  I want it back!!!  I’m going to have to forcibly TAKE IT BACK!!!  I need my climbing routine!!!

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