Wow, we’re getting quite a bit of snow!

My mom got home just fine in four-wheel drive yesterday afternoon.  She called and let me know that she was safe and said there were accidents all over the place, as it was very slick!  I was glad that I had relieved her of her Grandma-duties for the day when I did.  It only got slicker as the day went on!  Spending some time watching cartoons with Cullen was fun, too.  He’s 5 1/2 months old.  Pretty funny, really!  He’s a good-tempered little fellow.  As of last night, we had a couple of inches of snow, and it was supposed to snow all night, yet.  We’ll see what happened overnight when I get brave enough to look out the door!  I’m picking up a climbing buddy of mine (AJ) and we’re going climbing today from 1000 hrs until 1400 hrs, so I’ll have to get the truck “de-iced” somehow before I pick him up at 0945 hrs.  It’s going to be slick, as I already know from going out to dinner last night.  My husband had it in 4×4 high and we were still sliding around!  That’s pretty slick if our 2011 is doing that!!!  I’ll have to see how the 2015 gets around in this stuff, however much of it we have today!!!  It’s supposed to snow again on Friday and we could get 3-6″ of snow out of that storm on top of what we just got, so winter’s here!  What an appropriate day to post it – the Winter Solstice, first official day of Winter!!!

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