It really is snowing! Watching Cullen…

My mom comes in and watches Cullen, my nephew, during the day so that my brother can work at his shop and my sister-in-law can sleep (she’s a nurse and works nights).  I had coffee with my mom this morning and she was worried that it would be slick on the way home due to the snow that was supposed to be coming in.  Well, sure enough, the snow came like they said it would, and at about 1330 hrs, I went upstairs and relieved Grandma of her babysitting duties so that she could head for home before she had to deal with slick roads AND traffic.  So I’m sitting here blogging while Cullen gets some sleep, hoping that my mom makes it home okay and hoping that I can find everything I need to make Cullen’s day halfway normal in the midst of all this.  I told my mom to put the TV on the channel that his regular cartoons come on and then she told me how his afternoon schedule usually goes.  I’d be crossing my fingers, but I’m typing with them, so those two aren’t terribly compatible behaviors.  I have a book to read – Mastermind by Jerry Moffatt – and my computer to keep me company while I watch Cullen sleep and keep the cats away from him.  He’s showing signs of stirring, so I’ll end this post for now. Updates pending…

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