The art of starting over


I sent the 5.5 route consisting entirely of pink handles this morning after attempting the green 5.7 on the 40+ foot wall and getting halfway up it before succumbing to the pain of not being able to climb due to arthritis.  Today is my third day off the meloxicam, which is a super-ibuprofen of sorts.  The reason I stopped taking it is that it causes swelling in my feet and ankles, which is incompatible with climbing when I can’t get my climbing shoes on!  The pain is only slightly more compatible, though.  My joints hurt. I hurt. Osteoarthritis is no joke, and I’m only 37 years old!  The good news?  I can get my climbing shoes on because the swelling has dissipated.  I’m going to have to go with plan B, which is two extra-strength Tylenol every six hours.  Hopefully that will tame the pain enough that I can climb.  This is a frustrating situation with no easy solution.  The meloxicam works for the pain, but I can’t have the swelling going on!  Health-wise, the swelling is a bad sign, anyway.  I will climb on, though!  Nothing is going to take that away from me!!!  I must climb!!!

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