Positive energy thieves – guard your positivity!

Well-meaning people ask the question, “How are you doing?”  Be careful.  You might get more than you bargained for out of that pleasantry!  Not only can you get an earful of negative stuff, but you can also have all of your positivity sucked from your marrow and wonder at the end of that conversation why you feel so rotten all of a sudden!  You were just the victim of a positive energy theft!  Some people have the effect of making others miserable just by saying hello!  If you find yourself in the midst of a conversation that is sucking the life out of you, GET OUT!!!  IMMEDIATELY!!!  You don’t want that junk ricocheting around in your head causing damage to your precious positive thoughts!  It takes so many positives to outweigh one little negative that we must guard our positives with our lives!!!  Keep your positivity intact!!!

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