Rope climbing goals for 2018


I put this chart in the photo together using several ideas and methods.  It gives me a plan, a timeline, and intermediate goals all in one visual diagram.  I have all 12 months of the year listed for 2018, and the pyramids are the grades and number of routes of those grades that I need to be working on during each month.  In order to build a strong foundation for the whole thing, the pyramids keep me climbing more of the lower-grade routes and working up to the higher-grade routes.  Time is key, too.  How long I do each pyramid for and how the pyramids are set up will determine how fast I progress.  If I don’t progress quite as quickly as expected, or something like life happens, then I can readjust the pyramids or redo them completely to pick up where I left off or even step back and strengthen the foundation some more.  I really like this method.  I learned it from Lou Renner, a climbing buddy and mentor of mine whom I deeply respect for his wisdom and experiences in life.  I will be starting the year as a 5.9 climber.  By 31 Dec 2018, I want to be a 5.11a climber.  Hopefully this chart that I made will help me stay focused and push myself so that I can accomplish that goal and then plan for 5.12a the following year and so on.  I’m excited!  I’m going to spend the month of December 2017 getting ready for this coming year and getting to the point where I’m a solid 5.9 climber!

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