A route setter’s pay!!!

AJ responded to my message sent earlier today with some of the best news I could possibly hear!  It was unexpected news, too, which makes it even better!  I had sent him a message asking if he had talked to Heath, one of the owners and the head route setter, and if he knew what we were doing tomorrow regarding setting routes. I didn’t know if he had gotten a chance to talk to Heath or not because AJ had a choir performance or two today.  He got back to me to tell me what time we are setting tomorrow, which turned out to be 1030 hrs.  He was still working on finding out what we’d be focusing on setting.  When he got back to me, the news was awesome!  He told me which wall we’d be working on, and he also told me that, in exchange for 10 hours of route setting per month, we would get a free membership to the gym!!!  YES!!!  For those of us whose budget is tight, that is a Godsend!!!  YEEEEESSSSS!!!  HALLELUJAH!!!

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