I was extremely tired yesterday and didn’t manage to get a nap in, so it was absolute bliss getting into bed last night at 1900 hrs.  I awoke to my brother’s voice speaking softly to Cullen and a dark, oddly-shaped silhouette at the foot of our bed (my brother was holding Cullen and had the diaper bag slung over his shoulder so that it was against the opposite side of his body).  I had overslept!!!  I quickly turned my BiPAP off, coiled the air hose, stripped off my mask, made the bed for Cullen, and flipped the light on, forgetting that I was in my underwear!  Oh, well.  It’s not like it’s the first time they’ve seen me in my underwear and it’s very conservative underwear at that.  If they’re family, they’ve seen me in my underwear!  I got Cullen comfortable as my husband woke up and my brother left to pick up my sister-in-law.  I can’t believe I overslept like that!  I can believe it, because I was so tired and still feel like I could use some more sleep, but I had my alarm set and everything.  I’m not sure if I turned my alarm off and flopped back into bed or if my alarm just didn’t go off (I’m betting on the former), but either way, I got an extra hour of sleep out of it.  My brother knows the code to our door because he set it, so it wasn’t hard for him to get in, thank goodness!  I wouldn’t want Cullen out there in the cold waiting for us to answer the door this morning!  My husband and I were both fast asleep when my brother came down.  We evidently needed that sleep!  My husband told me I should sleep some more because I look tired this morning and I agree, but I’ve got obligations to others for rides and such that I have to tend to as well.  I would love some more sleep, trust me!  So, right now, Cullen and Jerrold are watching “Timmy Time”, which entertains even me, haha, and I’m waking up and letting my morning meds kick in.  It’s not long before I have to give AJ a ride to dress rehearsal for the choir concert tomorrow, and then I told Emily I’d meet her at the climbing gym at 1000 hrs.  I let AJ know that if he wanted to go climbing later this afternoon after he finished up his plans for the day, I’d be up for that, which still stands.  If nothing else, I can belay and not climb.  I imagine I’ll be in the mood to climb some more, though!  After I wake up some… 😁😎😁😎

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