You, my readers and faithful friends, totally rock!!!


I looked at the stats this morning because there was an interesting trend that was developing during this month.  Since it’s not the end of the month yet, I’ll forego telling you what that statistic ends up being and what the trend was until 01 Dec 2017, two short days from now.  I’m really excited about this and it has been interesting watching this develop over the course of the month in comparison to other months!  I’ll leave it to you to ponder the question for these next couple of days…  Just know that I love you, my faithful readers and just-passing-through visitors!!!  Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you get something out of it!!!  I sure do!!!

I want to include with this post a photo, one that I’m quite puzzled about.  You’ve no doubt already seen the photo as this post came up for you to read.  This is a photo of a sloper hold, brand new, with a bolt through it (brand new) that has been screwed into a T-nut (brand new and from the brand new WALL) and then possibly (?) but not probably cut off with an angle grinder after it broke off…  This is something that I have not yet seen as a route setter and I’m glad I was nowhere near this little disaster when it happened, as for this to happen, the T-nut had to have been pulled clear through one of the brand new WallTopia walls (yes, the over-a-millionish-dollar ones).  To me, that is the photo of a million-dollar mistake, possibly on a route setter’s part!!!  I’m glad I’m NOT that route setter!!!  There is another hold on the wall, as of yesterday, that is taped off and, I assume, stripped in the T-nut in the brand new WallTopia bouldering wall…  I wasn’t around for that one, either, thank God!!!  That photo makes me cringe!!!

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