Inspiration and what would motivate you to climb more

Think about it for a moment.  We all have things that keep us from being as motivated as we could be.  I know that I can be completely and totally inspired to climb a route or project on a problem, or even go to the climbing gym to begin with, but then something happens that interrupts the circuit between the inspiration and the motivation to go and carry out the act.

The following things would motivate me more:

  1. Being slim and physically fit (losing half my body weight)
  2. Having more knowledge and experience climbing
  3. Climbing with experienced friends and mentors more
  4. Climbing outdoors year-round
  5. Variety of rock types to climb on
  6. More disciplines of climbing to be able to do
  7. Having more confidence in myself and my abilities
  8. Having more freedom to climb
  9. Developing more control over my mental/emotional states
  10. Managing PTSD better
  11. Maintaining my climbing routine despite others’ wishes without feeling guilty or having to justify myself
  12. Believing in my climbing abilities and potential

Fortunately, these are all things that I can do something about!  I can convert my inspiration into motivation and follow through with my climbing plans!  I am also fortunate to have the encouragement and support of many climbing friends and mentors who keep me in line, or more properly, working a line!  Think about what would help you to be more motivated to climb.  Make a list.  Then, after you’ve made the list, go back through and see what you can do about each of the things on your list.  You probably have more control over it than you realize!

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