Pop’s new recliner

Well, I called my mom this morning to find out how Pop likes his new recliner.  “Oh, he loves it!!!” my mom exclaimed.  Wow.  If my mom puts things in terms like that, somebody REALLY likes something!  I’m so glad he likes it.  When we moved his old one out of the house yesterday, we discovered that the back was broken, thus the reason it was functioning more as a lopsided blob of well-loved stuffing than a supportive, comfortable chair.  My dad doesn’t have the best posture anymore due to spinal stenosis, age, and wear-and-tear on his body from being an over-the-road truck driver for 40 years, and that wasn’t helping.  Now that he has a new Lazy-Boy that isn’t broken, maybe he can be a little less stiff and enjoy watching his brand new 42″ Vizio TV after we go out and set it up for him today.  Mom and I got the cable box and programmed remote for it yesterday, so everything should (cross your fingers and pray) work relatively smoothly for the setup.  Pop is a curmudgeon (I inherited every one of those genes!) and has little patience for things that don’t work right and require problem-solving.  I like problem-solving, but I have little patience for things that don’t work.  I know.  Kind of a contradiction in terms, but my frustrations come more from people not listening to my solutions than anything else.  That’s my DNA, though!  I come by it honestly!  I’m going to be a hellish old codger to be around, hahaha!!!  So, I hope everything goes well with the TV setup and then my dad can enjoy some quality NASCAR and football games!

Before we start this rodeo, I’m going climbing!  I just have to get my fix before all hell breaks loose, haha!

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