Black Friday (which started Thursday night)

Last night, my mom and I went “Black Friday” shopping (even though it was Thursday and still Thanksgiving Day) at Walmart.  We got some good deals and some much-needed stuff.  Great Christmas presents!  So, that was last night.  Today, we didn’t get going until 1000 hrs because my mom stopped at Walmart and they still had the TV’s that my dad was drooling over in the ads at Walmart, so my mom bought one and took it back home before coming to meet me at my apartment so that we could go shopping for a new recliner for Pop.  We went to Slumberland and found a good Lazy-Boy recliner, which was even on sale (thank God!).  Prior to all of that this morning, I went to the climbing gym at 0600 hrs for an alpine start at filming a gym tour for my husband with my GoPro. It turned out beautifully, by the way.  So…in other words, I had a busy day!  I’m tired!

I want to mention a special person here.  His name is Ron.  I needed my glasses adjusted, and none of the eyeglass businesses were open, but by chance, I spotted a truck in front of one that I had never been to.  They were just locking up.  I asked if they had time for a quick adjustment.  The fellow with the keys asked “Ron” if he would be willing to do one last adjustment.  Ron said he would.  He had to do a great deal of adjustment, too!  He was a seasoned professional, though, because he knew just what to do to straighten out my glasses so that they fit my head correctly and I could see out of them.  I want to make sure that Ron gets some goodwill credit here because he didn’t have to do that.  He did it, anyway, and invited me to come back anytime if I needed them adjusted again.  So, thank you, Ron, for your kindness, and I hope you have a truly blessed day!!!

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