My friend’s loss of his brother

My good friend and mentor Lou lost his brother this past week.  He’s devastated and going through all the stages of mourning and grief that wreck some people.  Lou won’t be wrecked, though.  He’s angry and sad and more angry…but he’s also doing something about it.  He’s climbing some really hard stuff, going after some really challenging projects.  That, in turn, is helping him keep his grief in check and, although he may not know it, it’s keeping his brother Mike alive within himself.  Lou told me that he used to sit and listen to his brother’s climbing stories from trips he went on and long to go and be there with him.  He always looked up to and deeply respected his brother Mike.  I want Lou and everyone reading this to know that, by continuing to honor them in your own life and living your own life with their influence, whatever it was, within you, they are always alive within you – their spirit is with you and they are part of you.  That’s very important to remember.  Live your life to honor those who have influenced you the most and live your life to its fullest for yourself and for all those who have invested in you!!!  They are all within you!!!  You are here to experience life, and those who have influenced you deeply would have it no other way except that you live your life to its fullest – to your fullest potential – and that you be happy!  They are never gone so long as you live and pass along your experiences and invest in others the way that they invested in you!!!  Celebrate their lives through your own, and help others celebrate their lives by contributing to theirs!!!  Energy is a powerful, spiritual thing, and it lives on through and in us all in some form.  Make it count!!!

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