Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!

My husband and I had our Thanksgiving last night – an excellent meal, I must say!!!  Jerrold cooked our chicken perfectly!!!  Moist, tender, juicy…mmmm….  Today, we both have dinners at different places to go to, so we get to enjoy a second round each of Thanksgiving dinner!  I’m going out to Mom & Dad’s to spend the day with them and my husband has another dinner to go to.  AJ is working today, so I’m giving him a ride this morning.  He seems happy to work on all holidays except Christmas, so more power to him!!!  He’s trying to get a house ready for some folks to move into.  They had hired him to fix up their other house to sell, so it’s been a good deal for AJ.  Although I believe that everyone who wants to should have Thanksgiving off, it’s too bad that the climbing gym is closed today, otherwise AJ and I would be doing some early morning cardio before he has to go to work!  Oh, well.  Maybe tomorrow…  I know I’m going to the climbing gym at 0600 hrs tomorrow morning!!!

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