Scarpa Gecko Lite approach shoes


I’ve worn Scarpa’s Gecko Lite approach shoes in a size 40 (M) EU on and off for about a year now.  I’ve tried other shoes, like the La Sportiva TX2’s and the Five Ten Guide Tennies, but I always come back to the Gecko Lites.  There’s something about the way they feel and fit.  La Sportiva’s TX2’s have a low-volume fit to them and the tongue is sewn on the medial side of the foot, meaning that, if you have a larger foot volume than is intended for the shoes, you end up with a gap between the lateral side of the tongue and the rest of the shoe where your bright white socks can shine through!  The laces are very short on these for me as well – another indicator that these, despite their excellent soles and tread, are not designed for my type of foot.  When I wear the TX2’s, they end up cutting off the circulation to my feet somewhat as a result.  Not good.  The Five Ten Guide Tennies are comfortable, and they fit fine, but they’re slippery as all get out if you step on a wet floor with them!  I’ve almost biffed it many times in those shoes, and they also leave a black mark on tile flooring if you accidentally drag your foot when the rubber is dry.  That’s no good, either.  I like them, but I have to be careful where I wear them.  The fit on these isn’t quite right.  They’d do in a pinch.  A real pinch.

The Scarpa Gecko Lite approach shoes fit the best without forcing me into a potential fall hazard or cutting off the circulation to my feet.  They fit well, like an approach shoe should – toes touching the ends of the shoe, well-fitted when laced up to taste, very comfortable to walk in all day, and with good non-marking tread and a “climbing zone” on the toes of quality rubber soles with a rubber rand extending over the toes (big toes especially) to protect them and offer more gripping purchase when needed.  The color is very sharp-looking, too.  I like a handsome shoe.  In other words, you could climb in these on large holds and scrambling would be no problem.  At the end of the day, your feet would not punish you for having worn these approach shoes all day because your feet would not feel beat up by them.  They are comfortable and functional.  Worth every penny!

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