I slept in this morning…

The opportunities I get to sleep in are few and far between these days.  On top of that, I usually can’t sleep past a certain time in the morning because my body (and my meds) tell me that it’s time to get up.  I slept in this morning, though…  I don’t know how I did it, but I did.  I slept in this morning.  I feel good for it, too.  I always have strange, strong dreams when I sleep in.  This morning was no different, and I ended up taking my meds late.  I’m not going to have a normal day because “routine” went out the window with sleeping in.  That’s okay.  I feel good.  I needed the rest.  Once in a while, I need a nap, and once in a while, I need to sleep in.  That’s life.  I let my body be my guide on that, too, because it knows exactly when I need to invest in more time asleep.  Sometimes I can’t get that time to sleep extra right away and it has to be put off for a few days.  Those are a dysfunctional few days when that happens.

Sleep.  We don’t get enough of it.  I think there would be fewer errors, accidents, and illnesses if we all got the sleep we truly need.  Most of us would be happier and not so easily tipped on the emotional scale of life when it comes to the things that really don’t matter much.  We could reserve our energy for the things that do matter, like each other and our passions in life, and invest that energy in joyful pursuits and interactions.  Work could even be more meaningful because we would be more awake for the whole process!  I know.  Many are stuck in jobs that they don’t want, but instead need, and they would rather “sleep” through the work day to endure it than be awake to experience it.  I understand that.  Been there, done that.  Again, though, it might not be so bad if we all got the sleep we needed on a regular basis.  Those jobs might be more bearable.  A lot of people say it comes down to attitude.  Yes, and attitude depends on our energy reserves, which incorporates our level of alertness and responsiveness, which all hinges on some basic needs that we have:  sleeping, eating, and shelter.  If you don’t get enough sleep, then you’re not going to have the basic brain functionality that you need to form the attitude that you’d like to have, whatever it happens to be.  Studies have been done and have shown that being sleep deprived for different lengths of time can be compared directly with alcohol intoxication at different levels as far as how well our brains are able to function goes.  That speaks volumes toward the point I’m making – we all need adequate sleep to form proper attitudes in order to deal with life appropriately and to the best of our abilities for the most meaningful experience of life possible for us both individually and collectively!!!  We only have one life!  Let’s enjoy it!!!  And let’s enjoy a little shut-eye.  Sleep tends to make everything a little better.  It won’t fix many problems, but it can help us manage our problems more effectively and negotiate the best deal for our own and others’ well-being.  I’m so glad I slept in!!!

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