Adding some color to my climbing log

I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday.  Twice.  The first time I went, it was to reconnoiter what exactly they had for options in the drawing department.  The whole reason I was doing this was because I want to add some color to my climbing log.  The first thing I checked to see was that they had the dry media fixative spray that one needs to ensure that the colors and graphite stay where you put them and don’t smudge or smear after you get the book closed or brush your hand across the page inadvertently when thumbing through it later.  Check.  They had it.  I looked at my options.  Colored pencils, woodless colored pencils, conté crayons, soft pastels (half sticks only), and all of the graphite and pen sketching options.  They only had the store brand of conté crayons, but that was okay.  They were very limited in their selection of everything, actually.  Although I would love to use water-based media in this climbing log (like watercolor, watercolor pencils, inktense pencils, markers, etc.), the paper is not substantial enough to hold up to that very well, and I’m using my fountain pen to write in it with (the ink may bleed if wetted).  I’m excited about the dry media potential, though!  I left with only a store brand pencil case to put my pencils, plastic eraser, long point sharpener, and fountain pen in.

After my appointment with my doctor, I decided to go back to Hobby Lobby.  This time, I looked with the intent to buy.  I gathered the art materials that I needed and made my way to the counter.  Unfortunately enough, I didn’t choose the art supplies that were on sale in the flyer this week, but that’s okay.  I hadn’t thought about it until I was at the counter, so it didn’t sway my decision as to what I wanted to use in my climbing log to sketch outdoor scenes with.  I realized this morning that I’m going to have to go back a third time because they split up the colors in such a way that they left out the primary colors on purpose so that you have to buy them separately.  Why can’t they just stop jabbing the customer on this stuff?  They make plenty of money, trust me!!!  This is why artists starve…  Insanity runs in the family as far as artists go, so it’s not all the fault of overpriced art supplies, but the prices can certainly drive some to further madness!

So, now that I almost have all the supplies I need to color my climbing log world, I will plan some trips outdoors, and maybe do a few pieces indoors – inside the new gym – to demonstrate the vibrant environment that I practice my passion in!  Vibrant, in this sense, doesn’t necessarily mean “bright”, but it does mean “pulsing with life, whether manmade or natural”.  Pulsing with life – my life!  My life amongst the crags and plastic holds on manmade walls alike.  Ropes, harnesses, chalk, climbing shoe rubber, helmets, belay devices, carabiners, slings, chalk bags, crags, mountains, climbing walls, molded resin holds, my climbing partners and buddies…these are all part of my climbing passion and what keeps me alive!!!  I want these elements to live in color on the pages of my climbing log!!!  A great adventure it shall be!!!

A question for you to ponder:  What type of media do you think I picked out to add color to my climbing log with?  Answer forthcoming in another post… 😎

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