Rest day!!!

Today was a rest day!!!  I don’t think I’ve ever been excited about a rest day before, but I was thankful for it today.  I have a split in the tip of my left thumb that is bothersome and not healing (probably because I keep ripping it open while climbing).  If I whack it on something, it hurts pretty bad, but that’s the nature of it.  It’s not a big deal until I put pressure on it or jolt it, then it hurts!!!  I took a chunk out of my right ankle/heel somehow, too, right at the line where your shoe top rubs.  Ow.  Taking one day off from climbing isn’t going to heal those things, but it does allow for a little rest and recovery.  I have gone hard for the last four days and I’m feeling it today.  I’m exhausted!  Physically and mentally, I feel like I need a rest today.  I had an appointment with my doctor today and he was impressed that I went and got rope climbing and belay certified instead of letting the test anxiety beat me down into not going through with it.  I’m yawning as I sit here writing this at 1742 hrs.  I shouldn’t be this tired at this hour.

The big question is what time I’m going to start going climbing on a routine basis.  I could go at 0600 hrs, when the climbing gym first opens.  I could go right after my doctor’s appointment on Fridays.  I could go in the evenings when AJ’s off work.  I could go multiple times a day!!!  The new climbing gym has alpine start hours for members only, then opens for the rest of the population at 1000 hrs in the morning.  They open at 1000 hrs on the weekends (no alpine start).  Soooo…  Many options are presenting themselves. And then I’ll set on Mondays when the gym’s closed, of course.  I have so many options!!! I like it!!!

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