Testing out the new fitness equipment…

I picked AJ up at 1000 hrs this morning and he looked and felt the way I looked and felt – tired and wrecked.  Today would be an auto-belay, bouldering, and etc. day for sure.  AJ went upstairs and hopped on a stationary bike while I put my harness on.  I waited for the auto-belays to free up, but a large family was occupying them, and I do mean occupying.  I took my harness back off and went over to the bouldering area.  I tried several problems and just wasn’t feeling the flow.  In reality, I was feeling sore, tired muscles.  I decided to go upstairs and try out the new fitness equipment.  I hopped on a stationary bike beside AJ and he showed me how to work it.  It was a LifeFitness machine, and very nice.  I biked for a half an hour, my distance being over five miles, and I burned over 200 calories.  Not bad for 30 minutes of watching the climbers below while pedaling.  Actually, I watched a bad fall and an injury unfold in the bouldering area while I was biking.  Knee injury.  Not an avoidable one, the way the guy fell.  A reminder that climbing is inherently dangerous.  Brian came in while I was biking, too.  AJ and I decided, after I had finished biking, to call it a day.  We were both wrecked from all of the climbing we’ve done for the last three days in a row.  Over three days, we put in approximately 11 hours of climbing!  I put in another half hour today on top of that!  Testing out the new fitness equipment was a good thing for both of us today.  It got the blood pumping and will help with the sore, tired muscles.  Water in, toxins out, with some exercise to facilitate the whole process.  It was a worthwhile endeavor this morning.  We left the gym at about 1300 hrs.  Time for food and a rest day!

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