Veterans’ Day was a good day to climb!!!


AJ and I went climbing at the climbing gym’s first official day open.  Admission was free so that the community members could come in, try things out, and see the new facility.  There were people everywhere!  We got there at about 1330 hrs and climbed until about 1630 hrs.  Three solid hours of climbing did us a world of good, and we had a great time!!!  I’m feeling better and better with every day of climbing that I get!  I tried out some Black Diamond climbing shoes, and although I liked the laces being protected at the toe, they were just shoes in every other regard after having tried them out on the wall and wearing them for a good 15 minutes.  They may work for some, and that’s fine.  It was nice to actually get to try them out, though!  After our afternoon of climbing, I took AJ by the pizza joint to get some supper and then took him home.  “What are you doing tomorrow?” he asked.  Why, climbing, of course!!!

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