Climbing gym soft opening for Founding Members


First, I got up at 0445 hrs.  I got dressed, took my meds, and tried to wake up a bit.  Next, I went to Walmart and got a combination lock for my locker at Steepworld Climbing and Fitness (SCF), Locker #2.  It’s in the middle on the top, so with nothing above it, nothing should drip onto whatever I decide to put in my locker!  Jim pointed out that all the smell and stink would rise to the top, but I can handle that.  Oh, well.  Better than having wet valuables!  After buying the lock, I went and picked AJ up at his place.  By that time, it was 0730 hrs.  We got to the climbing gym around 0750 hrs after stopping at the gas station on the way, and Emily met us there a few minutes later.  AJ rode the bike up on the mezzanine for a bit to get himself to wake up, and I stashed my wallet, etc. in my locker and made good use of my brand new combination lock.  I got my harness on and met Emily’s grandparents, who came to watch her climb while it was calm in the gym.  They were quite impressed!!!  For the next 3 1/2 hours, AJ, Emily, and I climbed, taking turns climbing and belaying.  I had taken my GoPro and mounted it on my helmet, so I got some footage of the gym and what I was doing on the wall.  AJ wore it for one of the routes, too, which is always helpful to me.  At 1130 hrs, AJ and I left to take AJ to choir practice at Rocky Mountain College.  Evidently, the choir took the day off, because AJ messaged me as I was driving down the street that they weren’t there.  I picked him up and took him home.  It’s 1613 hrs in the afternoon, and I’m itching to go back to the climbing gym!!!  It’s been so long since I’ve gotten to climb!!!  And rope routes, no less!!!  I haven’t tried any of the auto-belay routes yet because I figured I would try those out when I don’t have a climbing partner available.  The same goes for bouldering.  I haven’t bouldered at all yet.  I don’t know if Heath is going to want us to set on Monday or not.  I haven’t heard.  Hopefully he gives the routes a chance to cool off before we reset them, haha!  They’re still brand new.  We’ve only had them up for two days’ worth of open gym time!  I’ll set routes anytime, though!  I’ll get in shape with all this activity, too!!!  The best part about that is getting in better shape = better climbing = getting in better shape = better climbing…to infinity!!!

I attempted a purple 5.10a today.  Emily led it, and I toproped it to the second bolt, which was so much fun!!!  The route consists of these big purple jugs at all kinds of angles and, once I got my momentum going, it was a self-perpetuating upward progress route until I stopped for too long on a hold that I matched on.  I could have gotten several holds farther if not for that, but it was fun, nonetheless!!!  I enjoyed that pure movement for a few moments, which offered so much relief from the stress I’ve been feeling for the last month!  Just one moment of that can restore so much!!!  I’m so psyched about this new gym!!!

AJ and I are going to go climbing/people-watching tomorrow at SCF.  It’s a covert op to help us understand how people move in order to improve our route-setting strategies and methods.  Little do they know…

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