In case of inversion… Naw, just kidding! I got the certifications that I wanted today


I did write on my climbing helmet, in a fashion that could be read by others should I become inverted while on a roped climb, “SAFETY THIRD”, with Sharpie markers and took it with me to the new climbing gym for my rope certifications.  I got three of the four (toprope belay and climb, and lead belay) that you can get, and that’s all I’ll be seeking until I regain my former climbing level and exceed those limits in my climbing skill set.  It went well, for the most part.  I was instructed on the theoretical nuances of belaying with a GriGri, but in practice, things are quite different.  I know that.  My climbing partners know that.  That’s all that needs to be said.  I got through it fine.  I have a rock solid technique that works and keeps people alive out in the real world of rock climbing outdoors.  Gyms are different.  AJ, Emily, Brian, and I climbed for three hours after we got certified.  It was great!  I was very impressed with the new climbing gym.  Billings, welcome to your new climbing gym, Steepworld Climbing and Fitness!!!  Now get on the wall!!!  Let’s have some fun!!!

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