A pair of “route setting” shoes

I love the La Sportiva TX2 approach shoes.  They have always been my favorite approach shoe.  Last Saturday, I found myself struggling to set routes because I couldn’t wear my climbing shoes, lest they leave marks on the brand new holds in the brand new climbing gym.  My tennis shoes were clearly not up to the task, and I had never thought about how I might climb small holds in my tennis shoes, which led me to rethink how I size my approach shoes…  I ordered a pair of La Sportiva TX2 approach shoes a half-size smaller than I have been wearing my approach shoes and tennis shoes, and only one full-size larger than my climbing shoes.  I tried them on this morning with socks.  Very tight.  Very sticky.  Very good, because my toes were definitely in the ends of them and I could feel absolutely everything – almost like I had climbing shoes on!  That’s the ticket!  So, these smaller (size 39.5 EU) approach shoes are my new “route setting” shoes.  We’ll see how they work.  They have to work better than what I was using last Saturday!!!

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