Route setting sooner than I thought?

AJ tried calling me yesterday afternoon and I was asleep.  He messaged me, too, asking me if I was setting.  I didn’t see the message until a couple of hours later, after my nap, but I replied that I didn’t know anything about setting yesterday.  He asked if I wanted to set today.  Of course!  But did they set yesterday?  He replied that they did.  Wow.  That’s how out-of-the-loop I am!  AJ was out-of-the-loop, too, though!

So, I’m picking AJ up at 0900 hrs to run some errands, and then we’re going over to Steepworld Climbing and Fitness (SCF) to set some routes at 1000 hrs.  Cool!  I can’t wait to see the new bouldering wall on the main floor, not to mention how it compares to the drawings I made in my climbing journal!!!  We’ll see how it all works out, but I want to set with some of the new holds!  They got some really cool ones, and those are only the ones that I’ve seen so far!  I’m taking my climbing gear so that I can forerun whatever I set to determine the grade of the problem.  Since I can climb V2 now, my world has opened up quite a bit!!!  I just have to set for the “average” height person with the “average” reach.  That means I have to stretch a bit on everything, which makes it seem harder than it is, but I’m used to that.  It’s not too big a deal since I’m setting in the lower grade range anyway…I think.  I’m not sure what grade problems are going on the bouldering walls on the main floor.  They might want them to be harder than I can climb.  I’ve set many good V4’s and a V5 before – I just can’t climb them.  Someone else would have to forerun them to determine if they flow right or not, and what adjustments might need to be made.  Whenever somebody says, “Set something fun,” it ends up being a V4, so that seems to be my default grade, haha!  Some of that depends on not interfering with others’ problems that are already set on the wall, though, or what T-nuts are available and haven’t been pushed through and out the other side of the wall.  These are brand new walls!!!  I can’t wait to see them!!!

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