A family (climbing) affair!

I went out to lunch with my sister-in-law Kristin yesterday and had a great time!  She needed to get out of the house and already had the babysitter (her dad) lined up for some plans that fell through, so I grabbed my $50 gift card to Olive Garden when she texted me  about the possibility of going to lunch and off we went around 1130 hrs or so.  I enjoy her company and wish I got to see her more often to visit, but she and I have pretty opposite schedules most of the time and it’s difficult.  When we sat down at the booth we were assigned, she told me that she and my brother had gotten a Founding Membership at the new climbing gym.  YES!!!

Kristin seemed very optimistic and interested in the new climbing gym.  She asked all kinds of questions about the new gym, most of which I was able to answer, and I was so excited that they would be going to the new climbing gym to climb and work out!!!  She also had some questions about climbing shoes and when the gym opens and things of that nature, which I could definitely help her with.  I’m so excited!!!  Cullen will have an intro to climbing from the get-go!!!  He turns four months old tomorrow.  I think my brother and sister-in-law will like it a lot, too.  It’s so much fun!!!  I, of course, can’t imagine life without climbing, so to hear that another pod of family members are going to at least dabble in it is so incredibly fantastic!!!  I told her about a couple that had just had a baby at the old climbing gym and they would bring the baby with them to climb, taking turns watching the baby while the other one climbed.  She liked that prospect a lot, which I was glad about, because it’ll give their whole family a chance to get out of the house and meet people and do something besides work, sleep, and do chores in the house.  My brother has a mechanic’s shop to run, so he gets out of the house daily, but Kristin doesn’t get out of the house except to work and she is very excited about SteepWorld Climbing and Fitness because it will get her out of the house!!!  I think that’s awesome!!!  I’m really hoping they like it, which I’m 99.9% sure they will, once they work out a schedule for going to the gym.  My brother works days and Kristin works nights, so it can be difficult to find a time, but I’ll help them find a time if they want me to, just to get them into the swing of things!  This is going to be GREAT!!!

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